This is also my story, two of my four children have mental illness: paranoid schizophrenia and schizo-effective disorder. Between the two, I've experienced everything that was talked about in the video(including homelessness, and suicide attempts-none successful). Neither are getting the appropriate help and support to do well in the community. I want to get this message out to the right people. There is a district attorney that I have had multiple contact with. He is proactive with my son and I am going to send this video to him. If there is more I can do please advise. Thanks for getting this message out.
-Father of loved ones with severe mental illness

Our son went through the court system in conjunction with our local mental health facility due to a run in with the law. I don't know what would have happened had he not had this opportunity. The courts worked with his treatment as well as held him accountable during his probation. We are so grateful that he was given the chance to prove himself without incarceration.
-Mother of a loved one with severe mental illness

Thanks for the DVD – greatly appreciated! It really offered the first rays of hope for our family dealing with a perennially bleak situation. I plan on watching it with my family this weekend, since they still don’t understand how AOT can help my sister obtain the help she so desperately needs, and break the cycle of endless hospitalizations. The DVD also provides a clear example of how AOT is supposed to work if implemented properly, and all parties involved put the patient’s needs above their own privileged professional status and egos. Without the political will and moral toughness of these professionals, especially the presiding judge over an AOT proceeding, the current ‘revolving-door’ outpatient treatment standard will never change. True reform of a broken system is never easy, but I believe AOT can literally help save peoples’ lives, which I feel is worth fighting for.
-Father of a loved one with severe mental illness

This is to thank you for sending the video Stopping the Revolving Door. We identify with stories that are told and believe in the need for changes that are described. We thank you for the permission to duplicate the video and we plan to do that and to circulate copies among service providers in our area.
-Family members of someone with severe mental illness